Intel Raptor Lake 14th gen CPUs Invigorate delivery date set for mid-October

Intel Raptor Lake

The fourteenth gen Intel central processors that are supposed to be an invigorate of the thirteenth gen Raptor Lake chips are purportedly only a couple of months away. the fourteenth gen K series RPL-R processors come to the market in mid-October.

While the data from MLID may be somewhat obsolete, it might in any case be generally precise given the channel’s standing. As per the video, the most reasonable MTL-U chips could incorporate a 5-center (1 Execution center + 4 Effective centers) Center i3 processor with a coordinated designs chip including 3 Xe centers. At the mid-range, there will be a 9-center (1 P-center + 8 E-centers) Center i7 chip with an iGPU shaking 4 Xe centers. This large number of chips are said to have a 7W PL1 TDP roof.

We detailed a couple of days prior that the Intel Raptor Lake Revive could get a 4-8% expansion single-strung execution over the thirteenth gen Intel Raptor Lake chips close by an observable increase in multi-strung execution. Today, we at long last have a delivery date gauge. The report comes to us graciousness of Energetic Resident on Bilibili (by means of VideoCardz). Beside the delivery date, Energetic Resident has additionally uncovered a few key insights about the stage that the 2024 Bolt Lake processors will utilize.

Beginning with the Raptor Lake Invigorate (RPL-R), Energetic Resident affirms that Intel will deliver the norm “K” series computer processors like the Center i7-14700K in the 42nd seven day stretch of 2023. Since the 42nd week begins on October 16 and go on till October 22, we can see the opened RPL-R central processors send off in the center of October. For reference, Intel sent off the thirteenth gen Raptor Lake processors on October 20 2022, so the odds are high that Energetic Resident’s report is genuine.

Continuing on, the hole additionally recommends that Intel will follow the opened K chips with locked “non-K” processors that could appear toward the beginning of January at CES 2024.

Furthermore, Energetic Resident reports that the Center i7-14700K which could pack 8 P-centers and 12 E-centers might require a Profiles update on existing LGA1700 motherboards to work, as it is another design. The remainder of the RPL-R series could simply opening right in without requiring any firmware overhauls.

Intel Raptor Lake

At long last, the 2024 Bolt Lake central processors will evidently utilize another stage with the Z890, B860, and H810 chipsets. Energetic Resident cases that there will not be a H870 chipset for the ARL processors. Past reports have proposed that the Intel Bolt Lake chips are supposed to send off in Q4 2024, utilize another LGA1851 attachment, and could pack upwards of 40 centers.

The models we have depend on Center i5-14650HX, which has 8P+8E design, adding two more Execution centers from the ongoing item (13650HX). The Center i5-14500HX, then again, would keep a similar center consider the ongoing computer processor, yet it would have more store as a result of the silicon change, so it would be like what the i5-13650HX offers now. This shows a vertical change in the setup and center/reserve arrangements.

The top of the line Center i9 series previously had 8P+16E bites the dust, so those computer chips won’t change their center count. Notwithstanding, they are probably going to have higher clocks and conceivably support quicker memory speeds for the cutting edge versatile stage.

We could find out about the fourteenth Gen Center PC series soon. Be that as it may, we couldn’t say whether Intel will send off its HX computer processor series with the work area K-models in October. The Center HX series is commonly firmly connected with PC GPU send off, albeit that wasn’t generally the situation. Should NVIDIA or AMD have new PC GPUs currently this year, that would legitimize the arrival of HX series sooner. Nonetheless, this appears to be improbable considering RTX 40 series were sent off among February and April this year and AMD has totally ‘neglected’ to send off its top of the line PC GPUs.