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Here the method of preparation of the Egg Stuffed Rice Flour Pancake or Omlette Stuffed Rice Flour Pancake or Egg Dosa is given
Break in an egg into the bowl. Put in the pieces of fifteen shallots and mix well. Add half a spoon of chili flakes, half a spoon of cumin seeds and salt to taste and mix thoroughly. Take 150 g of Rice flour in a grinder with half a spoon of cumin seeds , half a spoon of chili flakes, few shallot pieces and mix in 100 ml of water. Mix in salt to taste. Grind well. Add a quarter spoon of Eno and mix well. Pour in the pancake mixture into the pan and put the Egg mixture on top and then pour another layer of pancake batter on top and put some curry leaves on top. Let it fry for 6 minutes in medium heat till it turns crispy . Turn the pancake and flip it over. Once it is nicely cooked take off the flame and serve.
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