BREAKING NEWS: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Ousts Controversial Interior Minister Suella Braverman in Cabinet Reshuffle

Suella Braverman

LONDON, November 13, 2023 — In a bold move, U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has removed the controversial Interior Minister Suella Braverman from her position as part of a cabinet reshuffle announced today. The decision follows Braverman’s recent op-ed in The Times, which drew criticism for accusing London police of political bias in handling protests.

Foreign Minister James Cleverley has been appointed as the new Home Secretary, replacing Braverman. In a surprising twist, former Prime Minister David Cameron has been named the new Foreign Minister.

Cleverley took to social media platform X to express his gratitude, stating, “It is an honour to be appointed as Home Secretary. My goal is clear – to keep people in this country safe.”

Meanwhile, Cameron, acknowledging the daunting international challenges facing the U.K., emphasized the importance of standing by allies and strengthening partnerships during these times of global change.

Braverman’s tenure as home secretary has been marked by controversy, including her resignation under Sunak’s predecessor Liz Truss due to a serious breach of the ministerial code. Her recent accusations against the London police were widely condemned, leading to clashes between far-right groups and law enforcement.

In a statement, Cameron highlighted the need for experience in navigating global challenges, drawing upon his eleven years as Conservative Leader and six years as Prime Minister.

The reshuffle comes as Sunak aims to assert his authority and reposition the ruling Conservative Party, which trails the opposition Labour Party significantly in polls ahead of a general election expected before January 2025.

For further details, CNBC has reached out to the U.K. government for comment.

The changes in the cabinet follow the recent endorsement by the U.K. of Israel’s right to self-defense in the wake of terror attacks by Palestinian militant group Hamas. Sunak has supported calls for a humanitarian pause in Israel’s retaliatory actions in the Gaza Strip.

This reshuffle marks a crucial moment for the U.K. government as it navigates both domestic and international challenges, with the Prime Minister taking steps to reshape his cabinet for the tasks ahead.