AMD Ryzen Threadripper Ace 7985WX 64 Harmony 4-Core CPU Spotted: Running On BoulderGulch “Storm Peak” Platform

AMD Ryzen

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Star 7985WX Packs 64 Harmony 4 Centers, 256 MB Reserve and Running On BoulderGulch “Tempest Pinnacle” Motherboard
Spotted by Benchleaks, we have our most memorable posting of the AMD Ryzen Threadripper Star 7000 “Tempest Pinnacle” central processor with its real marking rather than only an OPN code like the ones that have spilled out previously. The computer chip being referred to is the Ryzen Threadripper Genius 7985WX which has been recorded on the PugetSystems benchmark information base inside the Metashape 1.0 benchmark. This benchmark is very GPU-concentrated so we can disregard the presentation results until further notice.

Concerning the details, the AMD Ryzen Threadripper Expert 7985WX highlights 64 centers in view of the Harmony 4 center engineering so that is 8 CCDs with 256 MB of L3 reserve. The central processor ought to highlight a TDP of around 280-320W and will be viable with the Tempest Pinnacle stage. For this situation, the processor was running on the AMD BoulderGulch reference motherboard with 256 GB (8 x 32 GB) DDR5-5600 memory.


Threadripper 7000 (5nm Harmony 4)/4-Channel DDR5/64 PCIe Gen 5/4096 SP6 Attachment
Intel HEDT: Xeon W-2400 (10nm Brilliant Bay/4-Channel DDR5/64 PCIe Gen 5/LGA 4677 Attachment
For the workstation fragment, we have:

AMD WS: Threadripper 7000 (5nm Harmony 4)/8-Channel DDR5/128 PCIe Gen 5/6096 SP5 Attachment
Intel WS: Xeon W-3400 (10nm Brilliant Bay/8-Channel DDR5/112 PCIe Gen 5/LGA 4677 Attachment
Taking into account that this is a Star chip included along an 8-channel DDR5 memory arrangement, almost certainly, we could be checking out at the WS stage. The standard HEDT chips will probably not include the “Ace” marking. Likewise taking into account that this is a 7985WX SKU, a 7995WX SKU can include the full 96 centers which will be equivalent to Genoa chips. A few SKUs were likewise spilled out last month and are said to send off in Q3 2023 albeit that can change since nothing is firmly established at this point. For more blogs visit jazzsugar.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 vs Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon HEDT/Workstation CPU Lineup:

Process Node5nm10nm ESF5nm10nm ESF
Core ArchitectureZen 4Golden CoveZen 4Golden Cove
PlatformStorm Peak SP6W790Storm Peak SP6W790
SocketLGA 6096LGA 4677LGA 4844LGA 4677
Max Cores / Threads96/19256/11264/128?24/48
Max Cache (L3)384 MB105 MB256 MB?45 MB
Memory SupportDDR5-4800 (8 Channel)DDR5-4800 (8-Channel)DDR5-4800 (4-Channel)DDR5-4800 (4-Channel)
Max PCIe Lanes128 PCIe Gen 5.0112 PCIe Gen 5.064 PCIe Gen 5.064 PCIe Gen 5.0
LaunchQ3 2023Q1 2023Q3 2023Q1 2023