95: Ratna Rajyalaxmi Shah biography of King Mahendra’s second wife & History of Ratna Mandir Pokhara

On her 95th birthday, biography of Ratna and things named after the ex-queen

00:00 – Biography of Ratna RajyaLaxmi Shah
04:12 – Mahendra’s Love to his second wife
06:01 – Ratna Mandir Pokhara history

Ratna Mandir in Pokhara is named after the queen of King Mahendra. She was the second wife of Mahendra who took care of 6 children of her sister and the ex-princess. Indra was only the crown princess. Ratna married to became crown princess and later became the queen after Mahendra became the king.

The credit to the photo in the cover goes to Bardan Shumshere Thapa.

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