40 min CONTROLLED COMBO Full Body Dumbbell Workout | No Jump

40 min CONTROLLED COMBO Full Body Dumbbell Workout | No Jump

In this 40 min CONTROLLED COMBO Full Body Dumbbell Workout , we will perform combination movements targeting multiple muscle groups at a slower pace. The workout is divided into 2 blocks, with each block containing 2 bundles of 4 exercises and 1 bundle of 3 exercises, making a total of 2 rounds. The final exercise in each bundle will focus on the abdominal muscles.
During the workout, each exercise will be performed for 40 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest before moving on to the next exercise. After completing a bundle, there will be a 25-second rest before starting the next one.

The dumbbells that I am using are:

The Gear that I am using:

You can Simply increase the intensity of this workout by using heavier dumbbells.

Please make sure to do a proper warming up before starting the workout:

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