2 Weeks To a Fitter You: Accelerate Fat Burn and Lose Weight With These 22 Home Exercises

Losing weight is fun and exciting especially if you’re looking at a goal!

Today’s workout will help you burn overall body fat to give you amazing results with in 2 weeks of exercising! All these intensive cardio routines are helpful in burning fat so that, on a daily basis, you’ll be burning calories and can anticipate really good weiht loss results by the end of the challenge!

Good luck and let’s begin the workout. If you feel that you’re not satisified with the results in 2 weeks and you need to workout some more to get to your goal, feel free to do so. Time and discipline are important, so is motivation.

You got this – let’s go!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:24 Body Extensions
00:54 Burpee Side Taps
02:05 Rest
02:23 Step Back Jacks
02:50 Rest
03:08 Step Jacks
03:35 Rest
03:53 Standing Side Crunch Right
04:30 Rest
04:48 Standing Side Crunch Left
05:25 Rest
05:43 Sumo Squat Dip
06:13 Rest
06:31 Squat In Out
07:05 Rest
07:23 Squat And Kick
08:07 Rest
08:25 Slow Burpees
09:42 Rest
10:00 Side Leg Raise Right
10:43 Rest
11:01 Side Leg Raise Left
11:45 Rest
12:03 Push Jumps
12:30 Rest
12:56 Walk Downs
14:58 Rest
15:16 Woodchoppers Left
15:54 Rest
16:12 Tricep Dips
16:56 Rest
17:14 Swimmers
17:40 Rest
17:58 Snow Angels
18:37 Rest
18:55 Slow Mountain Climber
19:25 Rest
19:43 Single Leg Bridge Right
20:35 Rest
20:53 Single Leg Bridge Left
21:46 Rest
22:04 Push Ups
22:42 Rest
23:00 Pike Push Ups
23:41 Rest
23:59 Leg Pulls
24:39 Rest
24:57 Leg Hugs
26:08 Rest
26:26 Hip Dips